We are fully dedicated to providing your youth with supervised fun and freedom while learning.

Swiftwind Equine Center brings awareness to kids, youths, and the community about all aspects of the horse and agriculture industries.  The Center provides a range of programs and services.  The main program is the Membership.  This involves 2 hour sessions every Sunday throughout the year involving horsemanship, agriculture machinery, equestrian education, cattle husbandry and more.  Other programs are after-school, services for adults, PA day sessions, and private sessions.  Starting in May 2021, a riding program will be added to the Membership services.

These services are offered at a low cost to be accessible to kids and youths from various income households.  An example is the annual membership fee is $125.00.  By providing hands-on experiences, fact-based education, guest speakers and field trips; the kids/youths gain a stronger understanding about rural life and opportunities within the agriculture and equestrian industries.

Herd Holler

Begins March 2021
After-school program geared towards school age kids and youths. It is free to members,   $15 for non-members.  The layout/structure is laid-back, relax gathering including an educational twist

Horsey Time

Begins March 2021
Held on a PA day, holidays, or occasional Saturdays.   The Fee is $35 per person, not free to members. It’s a fun, social, interactive, educational component involving horses, agriculture, and horsemanship.


Begins April 2021
Private ground lessons (1:1 ratio) specifically tailored to the client’s needs and learning goals.  This includes horsemanship, agriculture and other aspects involving horses. The cost is $30 for approximately one hour.

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We’ll teach you how to improve an all around relationship with horses!

Swiftwind Equine Center brings awareness to kids, youths, and the community about all aspects of the horse and agriculture industries.  The Center provides a range of programs and services.  The main program is the Membership.


Lessons Prices

Our qualified instructor(s) are available are available at all Swiftwind’s Programs, as well as private training where requested.

Swiftwind Equine Center is a rural education center with a curriculum-based, hands-on strategy teaching children and youths all aspects of horses and agriculture.  The Center offers programs and services at a low-cost to be affordable for all various households.  This includes low-cost or free field trips, workshops, clinics, annual memberships with great perks, after-school sessions (Herd Holler), adults’ exclusive program (Dam’s & Sires’ Turnout), PA Day camps (Horsey Time) and more throughout the year.  Those in the annual membership program also have a badges’ incentive awards which is incorporated.
Some topics covered are horsemanship, tractors, machinery, stable management, cattle husbandry and more.  Swiftwind’s Equesters (also known as members) interact with horses though various ways such as lead-in-hand obstacle courses, groundwork training, grooming and care.  They learn to drive tractors and combines, work equipment, plant crops, and more.  There is also a Lending Library for participants with books, games, and movies for kids to enjoy at no charge.

Swiftwind is great!  My daughter has been a member for over 2 years, and she has loved every minute of it!  It isn’t designed as a riding club, but this allows kids to learn more about the care that horses need rather than simply getting on a horse and riding.  Tanya takes the time to talk about different topics every week.  With plenty of time for grooming & feeding the horses.  They also offer a drop-in program on Mondays after school.  Swiftwind is the perfect place to kindle a love of horses and Tanya makes it fun, educational and safe.

Valerie Paul ~ "Mom" of Equester"Mom" of Equester

Swiftwind has created a working farm setting, with a horsemanship program for kids and adults alike.  While focusing on safe horse handling and all aspects of horse care. Tanya mixes in general farming knowledge, home care crafts and community based projects; to ensure that members experience all aspects of life on a farm.  Swiftwind is an extremely well balanced and detailed program, drawing expert knowledge from all areas of the horse and farm communities in the area.~

NJ Ainslie
Kingston Equine Education Programs

NJ Ainslie, Kingston Equine Education Programs
NJ AinslieKingston Equine Education Programs